About us

A unified platform to explore the physical dimensions as well as psychological dimensions (and beyond) to explore the universe and the self.

Our Institute

Pacif Institute of Cosmology & Selfology is a unique and innovative platform that aims to integrate two seemingly distinct fields of study – science and consciousness studies. The institute hopes to build strong foundations of research and science education towards the development of scientific temper and consciousness growth among the students. The institute is making a big stride towards encouraging scientific mind-set and recognising the significance of consciousness growth by merging science and consciousness research. This strategy may aid in resolving a number of human problems and advance the notion of a self-sufficient and self-reliant society. PICS’s mission is to unite the study of the Universe and the study of the Self. The institute may be able to open up fresh lines of inquiry and insight that might be advantageous to all of humanity by bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

The study of the origin, evolution, structure formation and ultimate fate of the Universe.

  • The study helps in exploring the outer Universe at various scales.
  • The motive is to understand the physical reality of nature, how it works, and what laws govern this physical world we live in.
  • The study has various perspectives: (1) scientific research (2) core teachings (3) developing scientific temper and a few others.

A new field of study designed to know the self physically, biologically, psychologically and beyond as much as possible.

  • The study helps in exploring the inner Universe.
  • The motive is to understand the true nature of self, who am I in this vast cosmos?
  • The study will help all of humanity to live a peaceful and purposeful life in this world.

The combined platform will help to fill the gap between the Science and Consciousness studies. Human needs both physical growth (socioeconomic) as well as consciousness growth simultaneously for a good living in this nature (existence). Both Scientific studies & Consciousness studies are essential.

Our Vision & Mission

The vision is to establish a unified platform to explore the Universe and the Self scientifically – Knowing the Universe and knowing thyself. An exploration of the cosmos from subtlest to largest scale and the self, fundamentally. To know the observed and the observer at one platform. This will be an effective step towards developing SCIENTIFIC TEMPER and CONSCIOUSNESS GROWTH for the students under one umbrella.

The institute would act as a catalyst in the education sector and will definitely boost the vison of innovation, R & D, value education among students. The future of this institute is to expand as a University for integral studies that unite the core branches such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life science, Environmental science, Cognitive science, psychology, Earth science, and Agricultural science that will surely help students to explore more and make a great career with knowledge of the nature, self-knowledge, and sustainable development.


Shibesh Kumar Jas Pacif


Dear All,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Pacif Institute of Cosmology and Selfology (PICS). Our institute is dedicated to exploring the fundamental questions of the universe and the nature of the self.

At PICS, we believe that science and consciousness studies can work together to deepen our understanding of the universe and ourselves. Through interdisciplinary research and collaboration, we hope to uncover new insights into the mysteries of the cosmos and the human experience.

Our team of researchers and scholars come from diverse backgrounds, but share a common passion for exploring the frontiers of knowledge. We offer a range of programs for people of all ages focused on students from 7 – 21 years of age as they have the mind-set of exploration, scientific temper, innovative ideas, and full of enthusiasm.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and learning. Together, we can push the boundaries of what is known and unlock new perspectives on the universe and ourselves.

The Director, PICS

Science is not only compatible with spirituality;

It is a profound source of spirituality.