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Research at PICS

The PICS research group comprises a diverse team of senior scientists, junior scientists, visiting scientists, and project scientists, who are devoted to exploring contemporary themes within the fields of mathematical cosmology, physical cosmology, general relativity, astrophysics, and astronomy. Their research encompasses a wide range of topics, including cosmological modelling, exact solutions, wormhole solutions, black hole solutions, dark energy, modified gravity, alternative theories, the late time and early-time evolution of the universe, inflation, and various forms of analysis of different models of the universe (e.g. geometrical, physical, dynamical system, statistical, observational, and cosmographic analysis).


Furthermore, the group is involved in studying foundational problems of gravitational theory, such as gravitational lensing and gravitational waves, and conducting research within the field of radio astronomy. Overall, their work is highly interdisciplinary, and may have important implications for our understanding of the origins and nature of the universe.


Moreover, the research areas of PICS extends towards science education and research and methodology of teaching science education, value education for the development of scientific temper and consciousness growth that can help in solving some of the fundamental problems of humanity.