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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to establish a unified platform for scientific exploration of the Universe and the Self – a journey of knowing the universe and knowing thyself. From the subtlest to the largest scales, we seek to explore the cosmos and the Self fundamentally, bridging the gap between the observed and the observer. This integrated approach aims to cultivate scientific temper and consciousness growth among students, researchers, and all fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe and the human experience.

As an institute, we aspire to act as a catalyst in the education sector, driving innovation, research, and value education among students. Our mission is to expand beyond boundaries and evolve into a University for integral studies. By integrating core branches such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Environmental Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Earth Science, Space science and Agricultural Science, we aim to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills for exploring the mysteries of nature, understanding the Self, and contributing to peace, progress, and sustainable development